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  • A year later - McKinney Family Photographer

  • Hi, I'm Mandy, and I'm a McKinney Kids and Family Photographer. I also do a lot of other styles of photography, plus video and audio work. To view more, visit my portfolio or my Facebook page! Remember these two from yesterday's blog post? Yeah, they grew up a little. This is actually the four[...]
  • Oh, brother - Allen, Texas Family Photographer

  • Oh, these boys.  As soon as I arrived at Watters Creek in Allen, I knew I would be in for some laughs. And maybe a challenge. They were both complaining that mom was "making" them do this, though I think they secretly liked the attention. The nice thing about taking adult-siblings photos seems t[...]
  • Together - Frisco, Texas family photographer

  • This is one of my very favorite families. I know I'm not supposed to play favorites, but seriously? This family is so dear. I have worked with both of the parents at my full time job and I can't describe how much I adore both of them. And their kids? The sweetest. Kind, polite, and fun[...]