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So, is it still a Throwback Thursday post if I just, didn’t blog most of my sessions for the last six months? I’m counting it.

I am officially catching up. I have scheduled posts and everything! Hello again, little photo blog. Hello again, little photo blog audience. I never stopped loving you.

This is Evan.

2013-11-17 - Evan Senior Portraits by Hornbuckle Creative 01

He’s graduating soon. I took his senior pictures last fall (thus the pretty fall colors) and he is such a great kid. (Old people say things like “He’s such a great kid,” you know). But, really, he is.

2013-11-17 - Evan Senior Portraits by Hornbuckle Creative 03

Evan loves fishing and looking fancy in his suit (okay, I don’t know if he loves looking fancy in his suit but look how fancy he looks in his suit!) and trash. He loooooves trash. Anything dirty or dingy or dusty!

2013-11-17 - Evan Senior Portraits by Hornbuckle Creative 02

The trash thing isn’t technically true (that I know of). I work with his mom, and sometimes he works at the office doing jobs in different departments, and one day when he was emptying the trash cans, I started to sing “I love trash” to him and he looked at me like I was the crazy one! I was horrified to learn that he didn’t actually know that reference!!

What are they teaching kids these days, anyway!? (Obviously I corrected this egregious error in parenting immediately – thanks, YouTube!)

Anyway, Congratulations on your upcoming graduation, Evan. You’re going to do great things in this world.

With or without a love of trash.

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